10 mar. 2012

«Knowledge is power, France is Bacon»

I'm back!! I know… it's been like more than 6 months that I don't upload anything to this blog… shame on me!!

Okaaayyy… but there's a good reason! I was selected to work in the International Headquarters (design center) of Quechua, so as I've been living and working in Rhône Alpes, France.

The experience: beyond any description, the place: beautifully amazing, the people: incredibly cool, and the work: learning loads of great stuff!

Here are some photos and a little video, enjoy!

And so, after the first months, the winter started to come, and the snow covered everything. I've never saw so much snow in my whole life as I've seen there!

So it was time to practice all kind of winter sports, and going to ski, ski, ski…

Summary: I've spent really good moments, meeting cool new people, seeing the big mountains and the Mont Blanc every day while going to work, and of course, eating good cheese!! this has no price…!

Oh lá lá… i will miss this so much (In fact, I'm missing it already!!) I just hope to come back and see all the good people I met there soon!

And now... it's time to focus on the Final Project of my school!